alicia re definida

. 31 agosto 2012
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metaphor is defined in terms of movement - Paul Ricour
Alice is a methafor of logic and mathematic
We can find a Transposition of the characters-  from gendre to epices, from spices to gendre and spices to epices
By Trend Alice is and essay simbolic logic
By Idea Matrix Alice is a simbolic form of logic ecuations:  A|B = N
By focus Alice is a state probability: P(A|N)= P(N|A) P(a) / P(N)
By Tendency Alice is a semiotic structural state
Alice is insert in to the CTLO (entro Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium) in a state FPAS or pasive situation and in the process of PTL or teoric literary revision.
For some theorics Alice is a Beta matrix or Narrative Sequence Historical Doctrinal but Alice is a Alfa Matrix or Narrative Historical Frame
The real sense of the Alice following the literary theory of SKlovski is that Carrol gives a new meaning to the form, and this form is not a tale, is a Logic ecuation given in a form of tale history. It is a dinamic semiotic- estructural frame in which the system make a self content.
The relations between the characters is the real signifieds ( Sausurre) or mental construction of the sign, in Alice the sign is a logic ecuation. But we can see this under the Wittgensteins Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus in where the signified comes fron the use and function.
The reader of Alice is not just a passive subjet is endeed the space( Rolan Barthes) in which the text dialogue and questions take place, then the logic of Alice becomes a new estate of posibilities.

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